I can't say enough how much I (and my clients) LOVE 3Dream! 

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Cornerstone Design Partners

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Design Consultant & Co - Founder of Cornerstone Design Partners

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Jerome & Catherine Pulcine

Co-Founders of CPI Interiors

Katherine Joy

Certified Interior Decorator and Design Consultant

"Sharing a vision in 3Dream is pure JOY ~ clients are immediately engaged in the 3D views of their project and cannot wait to turn their plan into reality!"

Pamela Byer

Senior interior Decorator,

GM, Design Line Studio Inc.

"Sales are so much easier with 3Dream, I can quickly bring rooms to life.

I can easily pull furnishings, fabrics, colors, finishes all together making it easy for clients to make confident decisions 

Deanna Fraizer

Owner/Decorator at

Dee Frazier Interiors

“We use a 3-D imaging program by 3Dream.net for outdoor, as well as indoor designs, allowing our clients to get a really good idea of how the layout looks and how elements will feel in the space,”

3Dream User for 11 years

Jason Wells


When we first started using 3Dream our customers were just completely blown away. During presentations, they could see the whole room altogether. 3Dream has been great for our business!

3Dream User for 9 years

Kimmberly Capone


"We use 3Dream on a daily basis! It's a great program to help us design fast and show clients endless possibilities. I would highly recommend 3Dream to any designer!

3Dream User for 11 years

Jodi Mason


By using 3Dream and presenting my ideas in 3D, my furniture sales have probably quadrupled!

3Dream User for 6 years

Kristy Falcone


“I just want to let you know that I love 3Dream! I have used your magnetic boards for many years as a designer and just signed up with 3Dream through Decorating Den Interiors a few months ago. It already has helped me sell two nice multi-room jobs

3Dream User for 6 years

Shannon McDonald


“Things have been going very well with my new 3Dream program! It has been wonderful to use and my clients have been impressed. I am looking forward to the training next week to see how I can improve my self taught skills. Also, Tim has been very helpful and attentive.”

3Dream User for 13 years

Margi Kyle

https://www.linkedin.com › margi-kyle-826b296

“3Dream is very professional, fun and easy to work with. With 3Dream, I don’t sell anymore, I show and tell! It is my new addiction”

3Dream User for 7 years

Judy Flattery


“The 3Dream software enables me to create their room virtually and then show them images of it from many perspectives. If they want to change the furnishings, the color scheme, the artwork, etc. it's easy for me to do in 3Dream and then they can take another look in the virtual room. Experiencing the new room virtually often sells the job: the client is more confident that they will love the result. The software is easy to use; even so, sometimes I get myself into trouble trying to do something complicated or having done something stupid -- then I call support and they get me through it EVERY time.”


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