3Dream FAQ

General 3Dream Questions

What is 3Dream?

The concept of 3Dream, Dream, Design, Deliver, is to link your design creations to real world items, in a virtual world environment. This allows you to create your client's space, add your design touches, and then sell your project in its entirety with automatic presentation reports and walk-through tours. You will be able to search and select any design decision items such as wall treatments, window treatments, flooring types, furniture, etc, and place these items in your plan by simply dragging the item using your mouse onto your planning area.

I am not very technical or computer savvy, is 3Dream complicated?

No. 3Dream is not complicated, unlike many other drafting & design programs. Its very existence comes from the desire of a very creative but non-technical industry (Interior Design) to have at its disposal a truly amazing design tool that is easy to learn and use. Our main task is letting you be extremely creative while only having to learn a few basic functions. If you browse the internet, or can send an email, you are ready! And with comments and suggestions from users, we will strive to only make it better.

What happens if a certain item I need is not yet on 3Dream?

3Dream was conceived of as a community for interiors professionals. We need feedback on what items you need to work with, which companies you would like to see, and new features & functions you want in order to make this work. Since there are literally millions of products out there, we obviously cannot have every item represented in 3Dream. In the Contact Us link on your Dashboard let us know which products you would like to see. Even send in an image or Vendor name that we can use to create the 3D model. If the product will benefit the community, we will create the items.

I'm worried about internet security, is your site secure?

Yes. 3Dream.net is a secure web site. To ensure you are signing on to a secure site, make sure the web address you are visiting begins with https as 3Dream.net does. The s stands for secure. Any secure site will also have a certificate from VeriSign, Thawte or another certificate authority.

Is 3Dream compatible with an ipad? Which tablets would work best for this presentations?

You can create the 2 and 3D designs on your laptop, and then take various SNAPSHOTS in both 2 and 3D view and save these snapshots to your computer. These snapshots can now be inserted (copy/paste) into things like Powerpoint etc. or just displayed as a photo gallery on your iPad. The iPad does not (yet) have the horsepower needed to work with 3Dream, but can certainly be used for presentation purposes. Another method of presenting your 3D designs is creating the VR 360 images while in 3D view in 3Dream. Send these special VR 360 images via the submit button on the dashboard and we will return a VR 360 link to you for viewing on the iPad or even on your phone. You may also go a step further and view these links on your phone with the optional VR headsets. Very impressive!

Can multiple users or team members use my account?

The user that owns and has been assigned the Subscription ‘Master Account’ can share their login credentials - User name (email) and password. Scheduling use of the account will be necessary as only 1 user can use the account at any given time. When the account is in use and another user logs in – the first user will be logged out. Alternatively, you may wish to consider obtaining Sub-Accounts for additional users. For a fraction of the Master Account fee you can give your team members each a Sub-Account – that have the same full access rights as the Master Account. The Master Account holder pays for the account – and owns the works contained in the Sub-Account(s).

I am an Educator – do you offer programs for Colleges and Universities?

Yes we do! Contact us for more information at info@viewittechnologies.com or 1-800-449-9984.

I am located outside of Canada and the United States. Can I use 3Dream?

Yes! We are a world-wide web based program. You can access your account throughout the globe. If you are not able to, please contact our support at info@3dream.net

What types of payments do you accept?

We accept any major credit card (Visa, Mastercard or Amex) we also accept cheque's as well as Paypal.

I do not have a credit card – can I still purchase 3Dream?

The short answer. Yes. you will need to call our offices in order to set up a payment arrangment at 1-800-449-9984.

Can I import 3D products into 3Dream

You are able to import what is called "My Materials" which is a static image to place on top of objects such as; Art, rugs, wallpaper etc. This is outlined in our my materials section. You are not able to import 3D products into 3Dream without us creating it. If you would like your product placed in 3Dream please contact us to situate a price for each product at info@3Dream.net.

Account Information

What is a Dashboard?

The Dashboard is the first page you see after you login. This is where you can view & launch your most recent projects, add or edit clients, receive any messages from the 3Dream team about new functions, products and companies added, industry news and events, as well as being able to search for anything by using the Google search bar. Outside of the actual 3D planner this will become your main working area.

I am a furniture retailer that offers interior design services, can I sign up?

Yes. 3Dream was created for Interiors Professionals and is offered to-the-trade-only. Whether you work for an interior design studio, or a retail store that offers interior design services.

Sounds great! What is the cost?

3Dream is a subscription service that will automatically be billed on your major credit card. The monthly fee for 1 Master Account for 1 month will be $39 USD. Additional accounts under the Master Account will be $34 USD or less, depending upon the number of sub-accounts. Accounts can be set up using Visa or MasterCard. American Express can only be used if paying for a year's subscription.

Can I sign up for a year?

Yes. We will be offering a yearly pre-paid subscription. This will equal approximately 11 monthly charges, giving you a discount of 1 month over paying monthly. In addition to the discounted rate, yearly subscribers may also receive special features over those paying monthly.

Can I sign up monthly?

Yes you can, please go to https://www.3dream.net/jsp/public/content/pricing.jsp

Do I have to sign a contract? Am I locked in?

No. You do not have to sign a contract, or are locked in, unless you've opted to pay for a year's subscription in order to receive the discounted rate. If you choose to cancel or suspend your account, you must notify us at least 7 business days before your next billing date. Your service will remain active up to this date.

I am an interior design student; can I use 3Dream?

Yes. We have always strongly believed in supporting today's design students with providing the best available tools now, so that when you enter the working world you are already trained and ready to go.

Is there a student discounted rate?

Yes. We offer a student subscription. Please contact us at info@spaceplanning.com for more information. Toll free 1-800-449-9984. We will need: Name of school Instructor's name Course name & length You should also talk to your design instructors to see if they can get 3Dream in your school!

I am a home products vendor; how can I get my products on 3Dream?

The very concept of 3Dream is to provide a state of the art design environment to working interiors professionals. The next logical step is to let them use real products, from real companies. Regardless of your product type: furniture, area rugs, art, lighting, accessories, office furniture, window treatments etc, we can set your company up as a 3Dream vendor. Your products can be searched for & used in a design, edited with your options (finish, fabrics, size and any other applicable information). The 3Dream users of your products can then contact you directly with regard to the products they have a specific interest in, thereby providing a highly qualified lead. Please contact Ross Barlett, ross@spaceplanning.com for more details.

Is there a free trial period?

Yes. The 3Dream Basic account is free. But it does have limits on the number of projects, rooms, snapshots and clients which can be created and saved in 3Dream. There is also a limit on the amount and variety of 3D products and materials which can be viewed and used in your scenes. You may sign up with the free Basic account and upgrade to one of the professional accounts at anytime.

My company has many designers that want to use 3Dream. Can we have multiple accounts that I can control?

Yes. You can have as few as 1 account, or as many as 1,000 sub accounts under the control of the master admin account. The master account contains the company information and lets you set up as many sub accounts as needed as well as letting you control access such as passwords, user names, etc.

Can my partner & I share an account?

Yes. However only one user can be signed on at any one time, and all the projects will be accessible by anyone with access to your account.

I forgot my password. How can I get it sent to me?

Simply click on the Click here if you forgot your password link on the login page, and your current password will be sent to the email address that you registered your account with.

Can I scan my own fabrics and use them in 3Dream?

Yes, now you may import your own fabrics, wallpaper, art images via the Material Upload Tool and use them in your 3D scenes. Images and textures should be .jpeg or .png image format and no larger than 500 KB

Can I change dimensions of items?

Yes. 3Dream allows you to modify the size of most generic items.


Can I use pictures of items I want in my design within 3Dream?

No. 3Dream uses 3d representations called models of real products. This allows you to select an item and rotate it to view it from any angle, or to walk around objects. Programs that allow you to bring in pictures do not allow this potential, and are limited to only the view of the picture imported. They would also not let you modify any property such as size, color, placement, etc, of the items within the picture.

Can I print or email pictures from my 3Dream projects?

Certainly. That's the whole point. 3dream was designed to help you sell more of your projects or products faster. With that aim, 3Dream lets you take a digital photograph of any view and angle. Once taken, these images can then be printed, emailed or used within any of the automatic (editable) reports that will help you close the sale.

Can I change fabrics, paint colors, flooring types, etc?

Yes. All that and much more.

I would like to see a list of the vendors that are incorporated into your software. Is that list available on your site?

While we do have thousands of items represented in 3Dream, we do not have specific product catalogs of particular vendors. The way our users create their projects is to find items that are close in design to the items you are working with, and resize/apply new materials/add pillows etc. to make it reasonably close to the real item. As there are thousands of companies, millions of products it will be some time to have many vendors with complete (and up to date products). The good news is that forward-thinking vendors are now digitizing their products.

Can I share my account with my clients?

Would you let your client have access to your email? The same privacy rules apply to your 3Dream account. We highly discourage you doing so, as clients you give access to would have control and full access to your account and all of your clients, projects and design works.

Trouble Shooting

Can I use 3Dream when there is no internet connection?

You need an internet connection. If you will be going to an area with no internet connectivity, or are at your clients and don’t want to ask for their WiFi, you can use the HotSpot on your phone to create your own internet connection. See How to Use My Phones Hotspot

I forgot my password how do I recover it?

Losing your password is always tough with the amount of logins in our daily lives. We've made it simple! Click "login" at the top of home page on www.3dream.net. Once you get to the login screen click on "forgot password". Now type in the email associated WITH THE ACCOUNT. Once this is completed an email will be sent to that email stating the password.

System Requirements

What kind of computer do I need to use 3Dream?

3Dream uses a Windows based PC, and uses Internet Explorer 10 or higher, Firefox and Chrome. For Windows 8 computers, please download the Firefox browser from www.mozilla.org

I am looking for a new computer, what should I look for to get the most out of 3Dream?

Good Question, when at a computer store, ask the sales representative for help finding a computer that will allow you to play 3D video games. The sales representative will understand that you want a PC that has a sophisticated 3D video card for DirectX™applications. The basic rule is the better the video card, the better the results. This can range between $100 for a decent video card to $500-1000 for a very good video card.

Do I have to be connected to the internet to use 3Dream?

No, 3Dream is a cloud based platform where it can be used on any device with the proper login credentials

Is there any software to load?

To use 3Dream you will have to install a 3D viewer plug-in much like Adobe Flash™.

How can I find out which video card I have in my computer?

The easiest way is to run the DirectX diagnostics tool: Click the "Start" button at the bottom left hand corner of your computer. On the "Start" menu, click "Run". In the "Open" box, type "dxdiag" (without the quotation marks), and then click "OK". The DirectX Diagnostic Tool opens. Click the "Display" tab. On the "Display" tab, information about your graphics card is shown in the "Device" section. You can see the name of your card, as well as how much video memory it has.

What's New In 3Dream

What is "My Models"?

his NEW feature lets you modify the size and materials of a “product” or even group with other objects (ie. A pillow on a sofa) and save this new item, to reuse in any scene. Create your own new models in seconds, and share your entire custom library with other users. For more information see the video below!

What is new with "My Materials"?