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The Board Testimonials

From Real 2D Users

Liz Fry

"These boards have been a great sales tool in garnering the many word of mouth referrals we are blessed with.  We don't do an initial consultation without demonstrating their value to the client.  Clients love having the ability to finesse the furniture and explore different placements with family and friends. 

Margit Novak

"We have used ViewIT Technologies, floor planning systems for many years and they have been an integral part of our marketing, sales and service delivery program. Use the magnetic boards with marketing directors as a launchpad to explain how your services Increase sales and accelerate move-in’s." 

Decor, Redesign & Reorganize

“The Board magnetic Space Planner is the best business investment I have ever made. As an interior decorator it makes moving furniture around a lot easier. I am going to order more kits as soon as possible. These are a LIFE & BACK SAVER. I would recommend these to EVERYONE whether in business or if you just like rearranging your OWN home.”

Greg Gunderson

“We love our Boards. I’d be glad to work your booth at the NASMM Conference.  As a purchaser of 30-40+ boards myself, I will absolutely promote your product ! .”

Susan Boyles

“Thank you for your assistance. We all LOVE our boards. Customers get so excited about the “playing pieces”, as they call them. Customers, as you know really need a visual.”

Suzanne McAllister

“Since ordering The Board on 7/2/08, I have created nearly 100 floor plans and use it almost daily.”

Peggy Martin

I have the Residential Room Planner….

THE BOARD Space Planning System. I attached a photo of the cover of my very old system!! I have had this for MANY years and could not survive without it!!

Reneee Ebraheem

I am using one of your Masterplan Magnetic furniture planners and would like to request more! I believe the board is a nice presentation tool for customers who are not able to visualize well. I actually think it presents a more realistic visual than AutoCAD.

Rebecca Jackson

The space planners are a huge hit with our customers! They enjoy being able to place their furniture on the floor plans., giving them a better idea of what will and will not fit in their new home 

Jennifer Shea

I love all four of my Board Space Systems! I use them all the time for residential developments in New England. I will continue to be a loyal supporter of your products. 

Janet Astrope

I received my JR board yesterday as you promised and I am thrilled with it. Thank you for the pool tables too! I am now prepared for my presentation in the morning and it took me a fraction of the time it usually takes me. 

Kelly Gunsell

First I would like to say that your space planning system is awesome! As an interior designer and salesperson. I use it daily. It has helped me to close some difficult sales. Many people need to SEE what their room will look like to be convinced to close a sale

Christopher Beggs 

I love this product! I had a presentation the other day and was able to create a beautiful design in a fraction of the drafting cad time! My clients were so impressed and I was able to leave a hard copy with them.

Angela Perry

“Just to let you know that I love The Board Space Planner. It is so user-friendly and you don’t have to be an architect to use it. It’s very convenient and everything you need to design a room or a house is right there.”


“I purchased The Board a while ago and it was worth every penny! You can change it in seconds. You can create a room plan then photocopy it which then frees you up to create a new room. I am absolutely thrilled with it and would recommend it to anyone that doesn’t have one. It is a real time saver and the client can see the plans right away! 

Mickey Graves

“I just want to let you know how much I’ve appreciated The Board over the years. It has allowed me to have fun designing and reconfiguring rooms throughout our construction. I recently designed a complete renovation of an entire floor using The Board. I simply snapped a photo of the final layout and had it transferred to CAD for the Design Review process. I have saved money many times over in saved architectural and design option fees. 

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