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        Custom Solutions

3Dream Creations

Want us to create your 'custom' floor plans?

Floor Plan Creation

Have a non-standard floor plan?


Or want to do just the creative work and let us prepare the project space for you?


ViewIT Technologies can work from your sketches, CAD drawings files or digital images to create a ready-to-go 3Dream project file.

Each floorplan we create is very unique and therefore services are priced on a 'per room basis' for design professionals who are either too busy, or lack the 3Dream skills necessary to input their room(s) or plans quickly and efficiently.

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Example projects


Est Time:

1.5 Hours

Est Time:

 2 Hours

Est Time:

 3 Hours


1. As an active 3Dream Pro or Premium account holder,  you would 'design the space' after we've provided the room / floorplan creation service; in accordance with the floor plans, line drawings, pictures, sketches, measurements, etc. you give us. You would receive a list of the details we require for successful creation of the Floor plan Template. 


2. Once we work our magic, you can then simply open the 'floorplan' (from within your own 3Dream account) drag and drop products, paints, upload material selections, apply finishes, materials, decor and furniture to each space. 


3. This interactive scene (one or multiple rooms) will remain a template that can be opened and edited until your client is satisfied.



Floor plans starts at 95.00 per hour. Minimum 1 hour per project.

Each project will be quoted individually

What you receive; 

- Plan creation (individual rooms - up to entire floorplan) 

- Each space will be 'design ready' and complete with; 

  • window and door placement

  • trims

  • light switches and sockets

  • intake and heating vents

  • niches, bump outs, built-in's, pillars, etc.

  • paint palettes

  • flooring

Wanting your models in the floor plan as well?

Product Modeling:

Would you like to be able to view, configure or present your products, finishes and options in 3Dream?

3Dream uses high quality 3D models of real world items. If you would like to take hold of this opportunity, ViewIT Technologies Modeling Services can create 3D representations of your products to be included in 3Dream. Prices start at just $49.99.


Furniture, Lighting, Area Rugs, Art,
Architectural Elements


Custom modeling prices will vary depending on the type and detail of the items. We also offer a volume discount to companies with a large quantity of items to be modeled.

Requirements for Models creation:

1.) Must be a current 3Dream user and have knowledge of 3Dream software

2.) Link to product (if available)

3.) Image of product

4.) Dimensions of product

5.) Name of product, and any description available


Create breath taking rooms using the highest resolution of VR


You design space in 3Dream / create a VR - we post produce it as a HiFi VR

Rates subject to the project - starting at $495.00 for a single space + depending on specific visualization requirements

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