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ViewIT History

About ViewIT Technologies

Management Team

ViewIT Technologies has been a pioneer and industry leader

since 1997 developing intuitive design tools for professionals.

ViewIT Technologies is a veteran software solutions company with 25 + years of experience. ViewIT Technologies offers a 3D SaaS design platform and develops 3D sales and design visualization technologies and related services.

If there are spaces to be designed, we have developed or can create custom solutions to help you sell more – faster.
Our talented team has the technical competencies needed for successful implementations into a wide variety of industries Ie. - Home decor and furnishings, online and furniture retail, senior transitions, landscape, fencing, decking, mfg. product sales, healthcare, funeral, landscape, building, construction, store planning, commercial and many more.


                           ViewIT Technologies Management

      Ross Barlett                                                          Donna Barlett
 Co-founder - CEO                                               Co-founder - President                

       Tim Stevens                                                          Ana Camara     
       3D Assets & Training Director                            Office Manager                   

       Diane Inglehart                                    
                                                                                  Client Production Services

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