The Board FAQ's

What is The Board?

With the Board, all you need are fingers... to produce fast and accurate room plans in seconds! Our manual series of patented, portable design tools that use scaled magnetic symbols of items like furniture, kitchen cabinets, appliances…the things you need to create accurate, detailed plans in seconds.

Which planner best suits my needs?

This will depend on how you work and your specific needs. Although we
have four ‘general use’ furniture placement systems, we also produce kits
that are designed to be ‘task specific’.

For Design Professionals offering in-home and whole-home design services,
we highly recommend the Residential Room Planner. It comes with a 3,200 sq.
ft. planning surface and contains furniture and accessory items for literally every
room in the home… right down to several kitchen sinks!
If you’re a Furniture Retailer servicing walk-in customers then The Board™ Jr.
might be all you need. This system was designed with your needs in mind. The
large format 2,800. Sq. ft. planning grid lets you explore ideas for use of space
with customers. If they can see it fits, there’s no need to go home and think about
it. Simply take the customer and your plan out onto the sales floor and find a
product that fits your customer’s style and the item sizing in your design layout. Task Specific Planners. Do you specialize in zone or task specific design such
as Kitchens, Bathrooms, Landscapes, Outdoor Casual spaces, Offices, etc? We
sell more comprehensive tools that allow you to address design challenges for these targeted areas of design.

Do you produce Custom; White-Labeled Magnetic Planners?

Yes, in addition to our generic ¼” scale product lineup that can be ‘white
labeled’, we work directly with product manufacturers and brand marketers
to create custom solutions. These tools are then provided to their dealer
and retailer network that use them to specify and sell the manufacturers
products. These are completely customized covers, format, and magnetic
symbols inside to replicate your products in the scale of your choice.

If I live outside North America, can I still get the board?

Absolutely! We've served over 150,000 customers across 45 countries

Are there any discounts to students?

Yes. We believe in helping our future Design Professionals and offer
educational discounts to students and instructors. We have many schools
that endorse The Board and use them in class. Please email with the following information; product (s) and
quantity required, your School name, Instructor name, Student Number.

I’m not an Interior Designer or Furniture Retailer - will the board benefit me?

Absolutely! We have something for everyone who is tasked with planning or
determining use of space, traffic patterns, electrical placement, etc. Ask us
which kit is right for you if you’re a Senior Move Manager, Home Stager,
Re-designer, Renovator, Builder, Realtor, Landscaper, Home owner, etc.

You offer an online 3D Planner, should I buy it instead of a manual product?

Approximately 60% of our customers have both The Board™ and™. We
believe you should too! Does a carpenter only have a hammer in his toolbox? Like
them, you need more than one tool in your belt. The younger client
expects a digital presentation, whereas older clients often like to be
engaged and participate in the design process. The Board™ allows for
fast and fun collaboration and conveyance of ideas.