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Decorating Den | 1 Year Pro Account

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Getting started with 3Dream is as easy as 1,2,3

Step 1 - Order your Master Pro Account

Step. 2 -Do you need training?

Hit the ground running. it is recommended that each account holder should have this personalized training; we'll hold their hand and have them designing in 3D quickly

Step. 3 - How many sub-accounts do you need?

These dramatically discounted full access accounts have the same features and benefits of your master account Setup includes: Customer logo formatting and account setup.

Note: 3Dream Minimum Tech Requirements

The 3Dream platform uses 3D graphics, similar to those found in 3D video games. This makes for a very realistic and powerful first-person perspective design environment. The following requirements will ensure a positive user experience that gives you...
  • Smooth, fluid movement and precise item placement
  • Faster scene load
  • Higher Quality 3D renderings and (images) for client presentations/email communications
  • High quality VR 360's

Internet Requirements

  • The better the connection - the better the result - the quicker the designs are completed
  • Web GL capable browser (Chrome / Firefox / Microsoft Edge - in order of preference)

Computer Requirements

The CPU processor - Intel quad core i5 or better

  • RAM - the more RAM the better
  • The Video Card (or Graphics Adapter). This is essentially a computer within the computer, and does all the 'heavy lifting' for 3D.
    • The better the video card, the better the overall experience.
    • When purchasing new equipment, a "gaming computer", or at least one with a better than average video card for 3D graphics will be your best bet.
    • Must be able to use a USB mouse (either wireless or wired)
    • iPads/Tablets - Touch devices serve up the 2D, 3D images and VR 360 experiences created in 3Dream beautifully! Unfortunately, you cannot 'design on them' as they're currently not powerful enough to support the 'entire' 3Dream platform.

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