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3Dream for Retailers

3Dream is a valuable 2D and 3D sales tool that helps customers commit to purchases faster and with confidence by eliminating the biggest buyer apprehension; the fear of making mistakes.

Boost Sales

  • Gives you the unique ability to show customers a virtual visual of their space.

  • With 3D models of your entire inventory, easily choose the right fit for the customer's space.

  • Enhance the purchasing experience and the opportunity to up-sell and cross-sell.

  • If they can see it, they will buy it!


Easy to Use

  • Use for design consultations within your store on a laptop, PC, kiosk or Windows™ tablet.

  • Requires only the most basic computer skills to confidently design in 3Dream.

  • 3Dream is web - based, meaning all information will be stored in the ‘cloud’.

  • Returning customers are able to access their previous room designs at any of your locations that are 3Dream equipped.

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