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Donna Barlett - President & Co-founder ViewIT Technologies 

Connect with Donna directly to learn and discuss how you or your organization can tap into and benefit from her extensive knowledge. 


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Donna Barlett is the director of Business Development and Corporate Sales at ViewIT Technologies, a company that specializes in ‘design-focused’ sales tools. Their unique approach is to help design professionals ‘Dream, Design and Deliver’ their creative visions and products to their clients with excitement and confidence.


Donna has gained vast experience and knowledge as ‘co-captain’ of ViewIT Technologies, (Masterplan Magnetics Inc.) while producing and delivering space planning and visualization tools to various industries; the residential interiors and exteriors, contract, hospitality, healthcare, law enforcement, etc. While overseeing business operations and relationship development, Donna’s passion, creativity, industry knowledge and unique insight lends to her ability to connect the dots, embrace challenges, create solutions and turn them into amazing opportunities!


Her company pioneered user-friendly, 3D and 360 design for home furnishings professionals, and has an extensive loyal following worldwide. The ViewIT team has designed and developed award winning design and sales tools for a diverse cross section of clients (room planners, casual, patio, landscape, wine cellars, garages, wall & flooring systems, cafeteria break rooms, decking tools, etc.).


Staying true to their motto of 20 years; “If they can see it, they’ll buy it”, she and her co-founding partner, Ross Barlett are currently driving their passion and energy into creating three ‘game changing’ 2D / 3D platforms; eDesign platform for the design and retail sectors, home theater 3D designer and a store fixtures planner. 

When not innovating, you’ll find her travelling, cycling or sailing off into the sunset with family and friends.

Donna Barlett

Tel: 800.449.9984 ext.223  

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The Board Space Planning Systems™ manual, magnetic design tools™ SaaS 2D, 3D, 360VR - online design platform 

Donna Barlett

Tel: 800.449.9984 ext.223

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