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Design Tools for Professionals

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Design in 3D with

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"If they can see it...they'll buy it!"

Visual selling tools for designers, decorators and furniture stores

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Custom 3D Tools

Manual - The Board

Design Tools for the Home & Decor Industry

Interior Designers

Product Vendors


Customer Testimonials

"Sales are so much easier

with 3Dream.

I can  quickly bring rooms to life. I can easily pull furnishings, fabrics, colors, finishes all together making it easy for clients."

—  Pamela Byer,

Design Line Studio

“We use a 3-D imaging program by for outdoor, as well as indoor designs, allowing our clients to get a really good idea of how the layout looks and how elements will feel in the space."

—  Dee Frazier, 

Owner of Frazier Design Group

"Sharing a vision in 3Dream is pure JOY ~

Clients are immediately engaged in the 3D views of their project and cannot wait to turn their plan into reality!"


—  Katherine Joy Porath, Katherine Joy Interiors

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